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Aerial Power Yoga (Spicy) A full-body, strength-building and body-stretching class combining yoga mindfulness principles, standing yoga postures, and aerial suspension training.Unnata is a licensed technique that focuses on taking your yoga poses to the next level, mentally and physically.Classes include breath work, meditation, and use of hammock-like swings in a one-hour guided format.

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You do not need to be a circus star, lifelong yogi, or natural-born acrobat to come play.She believes improving the life of others is the vehicle for the improvement of our own.Headstand Pose Aerial is a advanced level yoga pose that is performed in head-shoulder-stand position.Aircat aerial yoga is an innovative program that blends the beneficial elements of traditional yoga methodology with the unique conditioning of aerial arts.

Practitioners lean how to blend traditional yoga asana with acrobatic elements while focused on alignment and guided by breath.

As a person who has scoliosis and arthritis in the spine, it was a great feeling to finally find something that could give me the relief I need.

Students will enjoy deepening into yoga poses with the supportive assistance of an aerial yoga hammock.Illustrations depict a woman performing anti gravity yoga exercise in different poses and positions with a hammock.

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Aerial Yoga combines the traditional yoga poses with the use of a yoga silk.Aerial yoga is a type of yoga combining traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock.


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They enjoy making use of trapeze, or sling that is suspended at the waist height.

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AiReal Yoga is a form of aerial yoga using a hammock on a single swiveling point as a prop for yoga asanas.

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Aerial Strength is a fusion of exercises using the aerial hammocks, yoga mat, hand weights and other props to enhance the class.

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Many people are enjoying on aerial yoga poses that are being done on the floor.With the help of gravity and the hammocks, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine.Using an aerial silk or hammock allows gravity to help the back leg relax and the spine to curve naturally.

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Meredith Weil is a certified aerial yoga teacher who has been teaching students how to fly throughout studios in Miami.

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Much more than a manual of poses, this text offers an introduction to the chakra system, essential oils, Goddess energy, and much much more.

Aerial Yoga Play allows a combination of benefits similar to aerial yoga, pilates, suspended resistance training, acrobatics, and dance all rolled into one for an amazing suspended fitness experience.

Bound Angle Pose Aerial Yoga (Baddha Konasana Aerial

Half of the class will be a traditional yoga practice that builds strength and flexibility through the poses on the ground.Interval Training Muay Thai Personal Training Photo Gallery.

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Mixed Level Aerial Yoga is a class suitable for practitioners level 1-2, we will have longer holds on poses, emphasis on building a solid aerial practice, standing poses, inversions, backbends and strength building.

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Arms and shoulders in front of fabric, hips and free leg behind the fabric.Aerial Yoga combines traditional mat yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks.The yoga aerial hammock offers an expanded dimension of asanas or poses not always accessible on a yoga mat.The paradox of aerial yoga is that it can make classical postures either more easily facilitated, or a lot more challenging.Through the use of a hanging loop of silky material, aerial yoga extends the possibilities of traditional yoga and introduces new ways to get the best out of stretches, exercises and relaxation.

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Headstand Pose Aerial additionally involves inversion, Stretch, Strength, Balance.

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