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Clay was better than the previous choices (ashes, sand or sawdust), but it was dusty.So, when I saw a new kitty litter — the delightfully named Pretty Litter — advertised on Facebook, I was interested.

However, one area that it can often struggle with is in the dust department.

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Clumping Last but not least, not all clumping cat litter clumps in the same way.

Feline Pine

This may not be the case with your cats, however, and if weight is an issue I would try it with your own cats.

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When you find the article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues.Cat Litter and Pet Specialty Products Our wide range of reasonably priced, 99% dust free cat litter products are sure to provide a suitable solution for any cat or kitten.

If your pet is tracking the contents of their litter box after them when they have finished using it, it may be time to change up what you put in their box.

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It really clumps and holds together and costs less than what we have used for the past few years.An objective look at three of the most popular dust free cat litters on the market.All of our pet litter products provide excellent moisture and odor control.This might be because your cat suffers from respiratory conditions or allergies, or you just may not want to have dust from the litter tray spread around the house on your cats paws.Cat Litter Dust Hazards The dust created by clay-based cat litter can pose a risk to both cats and people.

The only issue I see is that it seems like more litter is being tracked out of the box and I vacuum more with the light weight.

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Online shopping from a great selection at Pet Supplies Store.

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Cat litter is increasingly used in cat-raising families thanks to the ability to eliminate daily waste of pets.The environmentally-friendly Cat Genie cat box uses permanent litter granules, so you never have to touch, clean or buy cat litter.Feline Pine 100% natural pine cat litters are highly absorbent and neutralize strong odors on contact for a healthy home and a healthy cat.


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